Leafy Greens Improve Lung Function

After listening to a lecture on the energetics of food (absolutely fascinating topic) I learned how leafy greens are considered the “lungs” of our planet. They do the exact opposite of what human lungs do. Our lungs take in oxygen and put out CO2, whereas leafy greens take in CO2 and put out Oxygen. So, it follows that leafy greens would be a great thing to eat to strengthen and support healthy lung function.

Take a look at these pictures




Those collard greens look an awful like that set of lungs don’t they?

The other thing you’ll notice when you look at the greens is all the veins whose purpose is to carry nutrients from the soil and distribute them throughout the leaf. In much the same way our veins carry nourishment throughout our bodies. So, greens are not only good for our lungs but they also improve the health of our entire circulatory systems.

Lastly, when looking at how foods effect us from an emotional stand point you’ll notice that leafy greens are reaching up out of the ground. So, they are uplifting to our spirits. They can help bring a person up out of a depression or just a “funk”.


But what if you really don’t like greens? What do you do then? Well, here’s something to think about: how many Americans drink coffee everyday? And how many of those people truly like coffee itself? The answer: not very many. Most of them drink it for the “pick-me-up” or the socialization of the coffee shop environment but they don’t really like the coffee itself. So, what do they do to be able to enjoy that cup of coffee that they’re going to drink anyway? They add cream, sugar and other flavorings to it until they don’t actually taste the coffee hardly at all. They’re masking that flavor that they don’t like.

This is the secret to eating greens. Sauce it up, baby! Put as much sauce on there as you need. The sauce isn’t going to negate the incredible health promoting properties of those greens. There are some really great sauce recipes available online that you can make to put on top of your greens. You can make up several different ones so each family member will be able to put their favorite on everyday. Make them up in advance so they’re ready to go whenever you need it.

  • The other option, if you just don’t want to make your own is to buy sauces at the store. Whatever works for you.

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