Juicing for Fertility

Juicing can be a delicious and incredibly effective way to boost fertility.

Greens--So many couples who struggle with fertility are deficient in magnesium. This mineral is an essential foundation for nearly every biological process that happens in the body and it can be extracted from all those beautiful greens you juice every day.

Greens are also a great source of chromium which is a mineral that is very often overlooked, but absolutely irreplaceable in the regulation of blood sugar. If you struggle with PCOS you understand how important blood sugar regulation is. But even if you don’t have PCOS you still must keep your blood sugar at healthy levels and keep it stable throughout the day. Chromium and magnesium can help you accomplish both of those goals.

Beets—I lived way too many years of my life thinking that I didn’t like beets. Then, one day, in a moment of clarity, I decided to juice one. OMG! I have never looked back! And now I include beets in my juice nearly every single day. They add sweetness to the juice, they add beautiful color, and, most importantly, they keep your bile thin and flowing freely. Bile is the stuff that gets toxins out of your body. You want this stuff flowing freely, you DO NOT want it to become thick and sluggish. Beets are the number one food for thinning bile. This also helps to keep your liver nice and clean and happy. A happy liver plays an essential role in keeping hormones in balance, and ensuring your body has enough blood flow to accommodate a growing uterus. Many PMS and fertility problems can be virtually eliminated simply by adding beets to the diet. Just be aware that beets mess up ovulation tests and cause inaccurate results.

Lemons—Another liver loving food. Lemons help to alkalize the body which helps to reduce overall inflammation. Silent inflammation is what is at the heart of nearly every physical ailment, including infertility. They’re great for juicing because they help to mask the “green” flavor of the juice if you’re not a fan of that taste.

Cucumbers—this one is for your kidneys. Do you have any idea how critical healthy kidney’s are for fertility? According to Chinese Medicine your kidney’s store your “essence of life”. Meaning, if they’re unhealthy they can’t give life. Nourishing the kidney’s is one of the most important things you can do to increase your fertility. Cucumbers help to keep you hydrated, which your kidney’s love. Proper hydration and functioning of the kidney’s is also directly correlated to brain function. So, if you want to be smarter and more focused—take very good care of those kidney’s.