September works with women just like you all over the world guiding you in food and lifestyle choices that will balance your cycles naturally so you can get and stay pregnant and/or be in a good mood all month long.

If you want to

  • Have more energy
  • Love your reflection in the mirror
  • Have more balanced and regular cycles
  • Minimize PMS symptoms
  • Stop the mood swings
  • Become fertile naturally or increase your IVF success chances

This is where you belong! I’ve helped women learn how to live their lives with more grace and ease while being more productive and efficient in their day to day tasks.

In my program you’ll learn exactly what point in your cycle to do tasks such as allowing your creativity to flow, when to go through paperwork, when to journal, when to have important conversation (hint: stop yelling at your husband until you’ve gone through my program!)

Want to know what others are saying?

“I feel amazing and this whole trying your cycle to business, that’s no joke!!! My ideas are floooowing out of me. I can’t even contain myself!!
I would never have connected these things to my cycle had I not learned to really be in tune with my body! Thank you!!!”


”I love working with september! She gave me great insight into why I feel certain ways during my cycle regarding my business. She also gave me concrete, and SIMPLE things to implement during the month, so that I can work with my cycle, instead of working against it! If you are a woman business owner, I HIGHLY recommend her! She rocks!”


”it’s day 1 of my menstrual phase… do i feel???? GREAT LOL I’m designing on day 1 of my menstrual cycle…normally I would be curled up in a bed somewhere but i’m working and focused…so happy!”